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You want to learn stuff about Online Marketing? If you did a little bit of research and if you are interested in making money online and especially want to learn about how to build a funnel.. You should came across Russel Brunson right? You never heard of him? Well, he will basically teach you everything you need to know. He also will teach you a ton of stuff completely for FREE! Yes, for FREE! Time for the Dotcom Secrets Summary Now!

Dotcom Secrets – FREE Book

As you can see in the image above you can get the whole book Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson for free. In this short blog post however I’m going to do a Dotcom Secrety Book Summary. I try to share a lot of good information from this book. Maybe you want to learn even more about it and just pay for the shipping!

Maybe you don’t like reading that much so I also have a short YouTube Video for you. You can also just watch that video if you like it better.

Dotcom Secrets Summary – Video

The Secret Formula – Dotcom Secrets Summary

Dotcom Secrets is all about making money online right? Russell Brunson created “The Secret Formula” which will help you to increase your earnings. This Formula will make your life so much easier. The first thing you need to do is figure out who your dream client is. You probably have a service or product that you want to sell correct? Even if you just want to make money with Affiliate Marketing this works. You just have to apply the secret formula to the affiliate product or service. So we are going to do it real quick!

Who is your dream client? – Dotcom Secrets Summary

You want to get as many information about your dream client as possible. That means you want to know how they look like and what they are passionate about. You also want to know everything about their goals, dreams and desires. You even could create an Avatar with real picture. We will just create a quick example. In our case our dream client could be around 18 – 30 years old, he is male and has a passion for online marketing. Our dream client wants to get out of his job and wants to start his own online business. You probably will find him on instagram and he is really interested in mindset, personal growth and online marketing of course.

Now we know who our dream client is right? So it’s time to answer the next question of the Secret Formula by Russell Brunson!

Where can you find your dream client?

The first step is always to figure out who your dream client is and after that you can look a little bit deeper into it. Now we want to find our dream client. We don’t want to find only one dream client. We want to find as many dream clients as possible. That’s why we have to answer these questions:

  • Can you find them on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest?
  • Which blogs do they read?
  • What interests do they have?

Without the “Who” it’s hard to find the “Where” right? Now we gotta talk about something almost everyone already falled for once..

The Bait

You now know where you can find your dream clients and the only thing you have to do know is to give them a bait. What bait wil you use to attract them? Now to understand this a little bit better I will give you an example. I am pretty sure that almost everyone saw a bait at least once in their life. Have you ever googled something and visited a website which exactly gave you the answer to your question?

Probably you had that experience already right? You got your answer and wanted to close the browser tab but then a pop-up appeared and offered you a FREE E-Book! The E-Book would give you more valuable information about a topic you are interested in. Does this sound familiar to you? Well this was just a bait. You give away a FREE E-Book but people “pay” with their E-Mail address. Now you can just send them all of your offers, your products and anything else you like to.

The only question now is: What bait will you use to attract your dream client? The E-Book is probably the easiest bait but you also can use a CD, DVD or just an audio recording.

What results do you want to give them?

That’s the last part of the secret Formula by Russell Brunson. It’s actually all about the results you can give your dream client. It’s not about the service or the product. You want to “sell” the results. That means how would they feel, how would their family and friends react if you just can give them the results? It’s all about the RESULTS they are getting!
Now I just created an example for an avatar so you can have a look. It could be much more detailed but as an example it’s good enough I guess.

Dream Client Avatar

The Value Ladder

Lets talk about the value ladder. You want to make money online and you want to make as much money as you can right? That’s why you always want to use a value ladder. I am also pretty sure that almost everyone who reads this already went through a value ladder without even noticing it.

A value ladder can increase your profits by more than 100% and it’s such a simple principle. Let me explain. You want to sell a product or a service and after that your customer or client is gone correct? And that’s the problem you want to do it way smarter. First of all you want to bait them with FREE information or a FREE service alright? If you run something online this is most of the time an E-Book. Just to get an E-Mail address.

Now your dream client got FREE information from you (The E-Book) and you can offer them your first service or product which is a low to mid-price product in general. The client already knows you because you gave him FREE information and that’s why it’s easier for him to make a decision right?

After you sold your first service you can move a step forward and offer a high-ticket product maybe? This is very sketchy at the moment right? So let me give you a real life example which has nothing to do with an online business.

Real life Value Ladder

Imagine you get a FREE Teeth cleaning from you dentist would you accept it? You probably would right? Well this is the bait and you actually get free value. You just get your teeth cleaned for free which is pretty cool huh? While the dentist is cleaning your teeth he will maybe notice that your teeth are a little bit “yellow” and he offers you a “Teeth Bleaching” for $100 would you accept it?

The bleaching would be the second step of the value ladder. In this scenario we just accept the bleaching. So a week later you go to the dentist and he is bleaching your teeth and then tell you that your teeth are not in place but he could fix it really easy. You just need retainers. So now he wants to sell you retainers as well.. He tells you why you need them and the result you will get. Would you accept it?

In this scenario we just go through the value ladder and accept the retainer as well. Now we paid $100 for the bleaching and another $1,000 for the retainers. We ended up spending $1,100 just because we wanted to get a free Teeth cleaning which was the bait. We just went through the whole value ladder of our dentist. And you can use the exacpt principle in online businesses as well. It’s more like E-Book, Online Course, Mentoring but it works the same!

Value Ladder


Now we also want to talk about Traffic in this Dotcom Secrets Summary. Everyone who is running an online business knows that traffic is the key to success right? Now there are actually 3 different types of traffic. I will list them down below and then we will take a closer look at those traffic types.

  • Traffic you own
  • The Traffic you control
  • Traffic you don’t control

1. All the traffic you own

The goal always should be to convert traffic that you control and traffic that you don’t control into traffic that you own. You want to do this as soon as possible. Traffic that you own could be your E-Mail-List, your Subscribers or your followers. You own that traffic because you can instantly send a message to all those people with absolutely no cost. If you read this post attentive you maybe remember that we give away a FREE E-book for an E-Mail. Now you know why.

2. Traffic that you control

There is a lot of traffic that you can control. Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Ads in general for example. Maybe you also have your own product and your own affiliates. All this would be traffic that you control. Google or Facebook own that traffic or maybe even your affiliates own some of the traffic. You have to pay for all the ads right? So you want to turn this traffic into traffic you own as soon as possible. You can do it with a simple squeeze page and grow your list.

3. All the traffic you can’t control

Let’s talk about the traffic that you can’t control. There are a lot of traffic sources which you can’t control. For example someone just shares your E-Book on social media, a blogger who writes about you or just a random guy recording a video on YouTube which mentions you. You really can’t control this kind of traffic but the goal here is also to turn that traffic into traffic that you own. If you just think about it, it really makes sense.

Just because if you own traffic you can send out as many offers and messages as you like to without any costs. However, it could take you a couple of dollars to build a list of traffic that you own right? But long term it really pays off. If you like this Dotcom Secrets Summary so far you maybe should consider buying the book. There is so much more valuable information in it!

The Big Domino

The last thing I wanna talk about in this Dotcom Secrets Summary is called the big domino. Just to mention it real quick, you will learn so much more if you read the whole book about the attractive character and curiosity hooks and much more!

The big domino is the ONE THING that if you could knock THAT DOWN all the other dominos would either fall down or become irrelevant.

You have to ask yourself “What’s the one thing?” What is the big domino of belief that we need to knock down? One thing that will knock down all the smaller objections and resistance – if we can get people to believe in that One thing then they will have to buy. You think there’s not such a thing like a big domino? I will give you some examples:

  • The Bible – As a Christian if I can get someone to believe the Bible – as their one Big Domino – then it knocks down every other domino and makes any other argument irrelevant to the person who has that belief. 
  • If the Bible is true – then Jesus is the Savior 
  • Ever had an argument with someone who truly believed in something? It was pretty hard huh?
  • But it’s not just in religion it’s happening all around us

The Online Business – Big Domino

I will give you another example of a big domino in that I believe in myself and a lot of other people who are into marketing as well. It’s the one big domino Russel Brunson used for Clickfunnels and he created a mass movement with this!

If I can make people believe that funnels are they key to online business success and are only attainable through clickfunnels, then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me the money.

If someone believes the key to make a lot of money online is to build a funnel or have a funnel, they will buy Clickfunnels.

And here is the thing.. and I am pretty sure that everyone who is successful online agrees with me. If you really want to make money online you need a funnel. That’s the way you can make money online or that’s how you can make a lot of money online..

Dotcom Secrets Summary – Conclusion

If you are interested in Online Marketing and making money online Dotcom Secrets is a MUST-READ! There is no way around it you should read this book especially it’s FREE. There are not a lot of books which are so on point but Russell Brunson is doing a pretty good job. Not only with his book Dotcom Secrets. I highly recommend to also read Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets. You probably learn much more with those 3 books than in a lot of online marketing online courses! So I would give it a try!

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