EXM Academy

If you got an motivational page you probably already heard about Executive Mafia right? Well there will be an EXM Academy as well pretty soon. Right now you can get access to the EXM Academy with an early bird price of $15. But will this investment be worth it? And what do you actually get in the academy. Let’s try to figure this one out.

What will you get?

EXM Academy
EXM Academy

Basically you just get a video course or an online training. There are already a couple of those instagram online courses out there right? And it’s pretty hard to decide which one you should buy. You can go for an more expensive one. Or you just go for a cheaper one. Maybe both courses teach you the same but maybe not. It’s important that those courses get updated all the time. Instagram changes so often and you don’t want to learn strategies that don’t work anymore right?

So you probably already heard about Niklas Pedde as well right? He just got his Instagram Academy which is even cheaper but which academy will be better? So far we don’t can say anything about the EXM Academy because it’s not out yet but it will be soon. Once you can actually buy the EXM Academy we will take a deeper look into it. I’ll show you what you get and if it’s worth it.

What is EXM?

For all of you who never heard about Executive Mafia or EXM it’s an Instagram Network. You can find S4S partners there and just communicate with like minded people. It’s great for networking and connecting to other people who are one the same journey as you. And you can join Executive Mafia for FREE!

You also get a couple of tools from Executive Mafia like a Hashtag Research tool which is pretty cool and some other stuff. I already made post about Executive mafia. They also just had a pricing update recently and you can save a lot of money if you join on a discounted package.

Is it worth joining EXM Academy now?

If you join the EXM Academy now you get a small discount of $5. That means if you really want to learn from a mentor which probably will be @successfoundation then you can join now already and save $5. I mean you dont really save a lot so maybe you can just wait until I took a look inside the academy for you. However if you don’t want to wait just join EXM now!

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