How to create a blog using WordPress

A lot of people want to start blogging or just want to create their own blog but don’t know how. In this short blog post I’ll tell you everything you need to know. After reading this you should know how to create a blog using WordPress.

We are using WordPress for a couple of reasons. First of all it’s probably the easiest way to set up your blog and it’s also the most popular Content Management System (CMS) out there. Now let’s dive right into it!

The Setup – How to create a blog using WordPress

Before you start blogging you need to do a couple of things and make a couple of decisions. The first thing you need is a domain right? If you don’t know what a domain is, it’s actually the internet adress. So for this blog the domain is: Maybe you already know a name for your domain but it has to be available so you can register it. Yes, you have to pay a couple of dollars if you want to get your own domain. It’s not really expensive and if you are really serious you probably will make money with your blog. Call it an investment okay?

The first decision you have to make is to chose a hosting provider. Here is a list of hosting providers you can use:

There are actually a ton of hosting providers and I just named a couple of them. I use all-inkl but maybe a different web-hosting provider fits your needs.

Installing WordPress on your domain

Once you registered your domain you can start installing WordPress. The most hosting providers even have a one-click installation for WordPress because it’s so popular. However I had a lot of issues with a couple of hosting providers when it came to those one-click installers.. You also can install WordPress manually via FTP.

Installing WordPress is probably the hardest part if you want to start blogging. You can read my article which I linked above or you can just watch my YouTube Video about it.

How to Install WordPress via FTP

First steps – How to create a blog using WordPress

That’s basically all you need to start blogging. After you successfully installed WordPress on your domain you can start blogging. Create your first blog posts, create categories and design your blog. WordPress is very intuitive so you probably will don’t have any issues in creating your blog.

I’m pretty sure you are able to create your first blog posts in seconds and creating categories is also no problem but there is a little bit more when it comes to blogging isn’t it? I got a couple of videos on my YouTube channel where I’ll show you how I build this whole blog!

Design of your Blog – How to create a blog using WordPress

Now the most important thing for most people is the design. If you just installed WordPress your blog maybe looks absolutely horrible but luckily we can change that in just a few minutes.

WordPress has thousands of WordPress Themes and you actually can use all of them to change the design of your blog. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find a Theme that you like. You can edit your Theme in the Customizer of WordPress to make your blog even more appealing. If you don’t like any Theme you also can write your own Theme but only if you know how to code. Using WordPress is actually easy because we don’t need to write a single line of code which is great right?

I know finding a good Theme can be pretty hard so I’ll just share a list of Themes that I think are pretty great for blogging:

Now there are so many Themes that you still have to look them up by yourself but maybe this little list helps you.

Is this all? – How to create a blog using WordPress

There is actually a lot more to blogging and what you can do right? To start blogging and create your own blog this is already enough. You now should have a running WordPress Installation, created your first blog posts and added some categories. You also have a Design because you chose a Theme and what can you do more now?

Well, the question is why are you starting your blog? And what do you want to achieve with it? Maybe you want to make some money online? Maybe you just want to get more people to read your Blog? What’s your goal?
Even if you can’t answer this yet, there are tools also known as Plugins for WordPress you will love!

WordPress Plugins – How to create a blog using WordPress

I will just list a couple of Plugins that will make your life a lot easier and which you maybe want to use too?

I will try to keep this List alway up-to-date and try to add all plugins which I think are worth it. Maybe I will even create a whole blog Post just for the Plugins.

What else do you need?

This is a very basic blog post which shows you how to create a blog using WordPress but what else do you need? And how can you make money with your blog? Or maybe you have some other questions as well? Maybe one of these following blog articles will help you out!

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