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It’s offical! Instagram just announces a new Instagram Affiliate Tool. What does this mean? Well, it’s pretty cool, easy and simple. Let me explain how it work! First of all if you are not familiar with affiliate marketing let me explain this first. You basically can make money if you just recommend products. You’ll get a custom link and if people buy a product or software using your link you’ll get a commission. Not hard to understand right?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Instagram Affiliate Tool and the Announcement of Instagram. If you don’t believe me you can also take a look at this post: Instagram Monetization Announcement and also make sure to watch the short IGTV from Mark Zuckerberg.

Instagram Monetization Features

If you followed what Instagram is doing you probably also know all the other monetization features right? They released a lot of new features. All those features help you to make money with your Instagram page! Maybe you don’t have all the features yet. Don’t worry neither do I but some people already do. They just test the features to some people in the beginning. Now these features are already available in some countries and in some cases:

  • Creator Shops
  • Brandend Content
  • Instagram Live Badges
  • Ads in IGTV
  • Ads in Instagram Reels

Instagram Affiliate Tool

This is probably how the Affiliate Tool on Instagram will look like once it’s released. So basically you can just sign up to use the tools and then start adding products to your posts. The only question now is, what products can you link? Or in other words which companies will join the instagram affiliate program? I think it would be a good deal for almost every company right? There are so many creators that every company could get some good affiliates! In my opinion it’s a win-win situation.

What I really like the most is the inisghts post. Do you see it in the image abvove? You are probably able to see how much money a single post will make you! If this isn’t amazing then what is? As soon as I have the feature I’m going to try this on my page and keep you guys updated on how things go.

Now you will still be able to make money with normal affiliate marketing on instagram. I also have a couple posts which also cover affiliate marketing. So if you don’t want to rely 100% on instagram alone make sure to check these posts out:

No Revenue Share until 2023

If you already watched the IGTV which I linked above you heard about that. In my opinion this is giving all the people who haven’t started on Instagram yet a big signal. NOW IS THE TIME. NOW IS THE TIME TO START YOU INSTAGRAM PAGE! We talked about all the monetizations features Instagram released or which they will release.

They are taking no revenue share at all. That means you will get all the profits until 2023. People still think you can’t make money with Instagram.. It was also possible and now Instagram is just making it much easier.

Revenue Share – Instagram Affiliate Tool

If Instagram will take no revenue share until 2023 they will start doing it right? Yes, they will! Mark Zuckerberg mentioned something about 30%. This is a little bit lower than the most other platforms. So even if they start taking revenue share it’s still a good choice to start with Instagram. I already started my journey and now it’s time for you to start as well! Check out my YouTube Channel to learn from me!

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