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Last time I gave you a Dotcom Secrets Summary and today I want to give you a Traffic Secrets Summary. Both of these books are from Russell Brunson. In my opinion one of the best online marketers and I’m a huge fan of him. I already learned so much and now it’s time to share a little bit right? Now if you read the Dotcom Secrets Summary you also know that you can get Dotcom Secrets for FREE. You also can get Traffic Secrets for FREE just hit the image down below!

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Maybe you remember that we have 3 different types of traffic. That’s pretty important. We have traffic that we own, traffic that we control and traffic that we don’t control. If you want to learn more about this please read my Dotcom Secrets Summary.

Maybe you are not a big fan of reading a blog or this Traffic Secrets summary.. So I also created a YouTube video. Just in case you like watching a video better you can do it right here as well!

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A list is the key for making money online

You remember the main question? How can you turn traffic into traffic that you own? That’s always your goal! Now in this Traffic Secrets Summary I’ll show you how you can do it! You can for example collect their E-Mail addresses like this:

  • Create a lead magnet (for example: Free E-Book)
  • Free video course with 3 video lessons
  • Cheat Sheet with valuable information

There are actually a lot of ways and you can be creative as well. Normally you want to give away something for FREE in the beginning to get people in. After you have people in your list you have to build a relationship with them. In the Book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson there is a very detailed description on how to do this. I will not explain it in detail here because it would be to much for a single blog post.

The 3 closes – Traffic Secrets Summary

Once you have your list you need to learn how to close deals. There are actually 3 closes: “Emotion”, Logic and Fear (urgency and scarcity). Let’s take a closer look at each and everyone of those 3 closes. Once again the closes are:

  • Emotion
  • Logic
  • Fear

Emotion – Close 1

The most powerful way to get someone to take action and buy is by using emotion. Most people buy things emotionally and then try to justify their purchase logically. That is what’s often been said at least. Now if you want to grab people emotionally you do this with stories in which people can relate to the attractive character.

That’s the most powerful way to create emotion in the minds of your visitors and get them to take action. In Expert Secrets Russel Brunson explains exactly how you can tell those stories to break false beliefs which leads to visitors who buy your products. About 50% of your sales will come from emotional buyers.

Logic – Close 2

The next 30% are the analytical buyers which are a little bit harder to convince. Even if this sounds a little bit weird, it’s true. Those buyers are afraid that their status will decrease if the product doesn’t work for them.

So you need to logically convince those buyers. So explain why it is a good deal, tell them there is a money back guarantee, compare it to other investments and use as much risk reversal as possible. This is how you convince the analytical buyers to also buy your product.

Fear – Close 3

The last 20% of buyers are motivated by the fear of missing out. So you need to give those people all the reasons to buy your product now. A way to do this is to add urgency and scarcity to your funnel.

Now you actually want to close as many people as possible right? So that’s why you want to use all 3 closes on your funnel. You will get the first people just by telling them which results you can give them and about the emotions. After that you can get some people in with some logic. Just break down why your product or service is a good deal. At the End you only need to add some scarcity and this way you use all 3 closes on your funnel. I think this chunk of information is a gold nugget! Let’s move on in this Traffic Secrets Summary!

Ads and Retargeting

If you ever paid for some Facebook Ads you know that it can be really expensive. You also should know that retargeting is one of the most powerful things you can do. But there is actually a little bit more you can do to improve. Effective Retargeting has at least three audiences:

  • Engaged Audience
  • Landed Audience
  • and owned Audience

You can easily seperate these audiences if you use the facebook pixel. However, I will just tell you what you want to do in this blog post.

Engaged Audience

With the engaged audience you want to sell the click. Show an ad with a hook and story that sells the click. Which means you want this kind of audience to click on your ad. This is the goal.

Landed Audience

WIth the landed audience you want to sell the opt-in or purchase. Show an ad with a hook and story that sells the opt-in or purchase. You actually want to convert these kinds of people into your buyers or into traffic that you own.

Owned Audience

With the owned audience you want to either offer another product or walk them up the next step on your value ladder. If you don’t know what a value ladder is make sure to read my Dotcom Secrets Summary. I will explain what a value ladder is and how to use a value ladder.

Traffic Secrets Summary – What else can you expect?

Is this all you will learn in Traffic Secret? Of course not. The book contains chapters for the most popular social media platforms which means Russel Brunsons reveals:

  • Instagram Traffic Secrets
  • Facebook Traffic Secrets 
  • Google Traffic Secrets 
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets
  • and a lot more

If you are interested in YouTube you probably also like to read my TubeBuddy vs. vidIQ article. I will not go over all this information. Why? Because I don’t know what you are interested in the most. Some of you might wanna try Instagram while others like to try YouTube. But if want to learn more you can grab your free copy of Traffic Secrets.

Conclusion – Traffic Secrets Summary

I think you get a lot of valuable information in the Traffic Secrets book. Especially if you are just starting on any social media platform you just give Traffic Secrets a try. This book will teach you the basics of absolutely every platform out there. I would even recommend this book if you wouldn’t get it for free. Since it’s a free book you have nothing to lose at all right?

Whatever you do online without traffic you will not achieve anything. You need traffic to make money online. You need traffic to sell your products or services. So if you know how you can get a lot of traffic to your shop, blog or whatever you are starting then you are already one step closer to achieving your goals!

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