YouTube Keyword Research with vidIQ

Today we are going to take a look at how to do YouTube Keyword Research with vidIQ! First of all vidIQ is a YouTube Research Tool and you can use it totally for FREE! All you need is the browser extension for Firefox or Google Chrome and a vidIQ account. Of course there are is also another YouTube Keyword Reserach tool if you want to compare TubeBuddy with vidIQ I already did it for you! Can you guess who the winner is between vidIQ and TubeBuddy?

Too lazy to read?

Just check out my quick YouTube tutorial on how to do the YouTube Keyword Research

That’s how you do it..

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer give you a lot of information in the FREE vidIQ version already. That means you will get a score, the monthly serach volume, the competition on that keyword and an overall score. That’s pretty cool especially the monthly serach volume in my opinion. On top of all that you also get some other phrases of that keyword with the same numbers. Take a look at the picture down below:

YouTube Keyword Research with vidIQ
YouTube Keyword Research

How can you do a YouTube keyword Research by yourself now? Well basicall you need to login to your vidIQ account. Once you are logged in you got a feature called “Keyword Explorer”. You’ll find it at your navigation when you are logged in:

vidIQ Keyword Explorer

That’s the option I like the most. You also can do it directly on YouTube if you have the vidIQ Browser extension installed!

If you buy a package on vidIQ like I did you will get a very long list of related keywords. That means everytime you want to make a video you can make a very deep research! Now it’s pretty simple to do a YouTube Keyword Research with vidIQ right?

Is this all for the YouTube Keyword Research with vidIQ?

Well, vidIQ is a very powerful tool and can do a lot for your YouTube channel but this very short blog post only wanted to show you how to do the research. If you want to learn what else you can do with vidIQ or other YouTube Research tools take a look at this:

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